A fruitful field: Funding Islam, Near and Middle Eastern studies

The huge amount of attention currently directed towards the Near and Middle East and Arab culture is reflected in the considerable amount of research funding available on these topics worldwide. Alongside collaborative programs with Near East, Middle East and Maghreb...

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No waste of energy: Environmental and sustainability research funding

Global awareness for sustainability and climate change is rising and research interest goes along. Here’s our fund┋it digest of funding options for environmentalists in the social sciences and humanities.

Les séjours de recherche à l’École française de Rome

Des chercheurs en SHS, en formation ou confirmés, venus d’horizons toujours plus variés et aux profils tournés vers l’international, sont accueillis à l’École française de Rome. Ils mènent leurs recherches personnelles, participent à des programmes collectifs, et séjournent sur place...

Photo © Ville de Paris - Daniel Lifermann

International researchers, an exceptional setting, a laboratory of ideas – The Paris Institute of Advanced Study

The Paris IAS is an international research institute dedicated to the humanities and social sciences with the purpose of fostering new research and spreading knowledge. It is inspired by similar institutes in Europe and North America, which are based on...