fund┋it – unique, reliable, targeted

fund┋it helps researchers to find fellowships and funding for their research projects – in France, in Europe, and worldwide.

If you are looking for mid- or long-term funding, for post-doc fellowships, for advanced collaborative grants, you will be spoilt for choice on fund┋it: we currently list over 300 open calls for applications!

We don’t, however, simply publish every funding program whatsoever related to research. Our selection is strictly based on the following criteria (which you also find in our “How does it work”-section):

  • The schemes must fund post-doctoral research; we do not publish M.A. or Ph.D. scholarships.
  • Fellowships and mobility schemes must be for stays of 3 months or longer.
  • We only publish temporary and recurrent fellowships or grants.
  • For the French incoming programs, we only list schemes run by French institutions (“invitation programs“).

We strongly believe that only these publishing restrictions make fund┋it a unique, reliable and targeted source of information.

If, however, you would like to complement your search on fund┋it by other sources, fund┋it recommends:

  • … for PhD scholarships: European Funding GuideEURAXESSWeMakeScholarsFindAPhD
  • … for short-term or travel funding: Many libraries and archives have their own travel funding schemes, especially in the U.S.. Specific conference travel funds are rare, as such expenses are normally provided for by the research allowance of a fellowship or position, but sometimes the very organizers of the conference allot travel funds for participants – just check the call for papers.
  • … for research and teaching jobs: EURAXESSAcademicPositionsResearchGate
  • … for mobility schemes to come to France, run by non-French institutions (“sending programs“): CampusFrance – bourses

Please note: These websites complement, but in no case replace the information available on fund┋it!

We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for! Please don’t hesitate to write us through if you have questions or comments.

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