Net4Society: Guiding researchers through EU funding

Net4Society is the international network of National Contact Points for the Societal Challenge 6 (“Europe in a changing world: inclusive, innovative and reflective societies”) in Horizon 2020 – a programme part of Horizon 2020 that is to a large extent driven by SSH research aspects. National zshojy5dContact Points (NCPs) are set up to guide researchers in their quest for securing EU funding.

Net4Society actively supports networking in the SSH research community and offers help in every respect of Horizon 2020 consultation.

Net4Society includes the European and International National Contact Points of almost 50 countries. Its coordination office is based in Bonn, Germany.

∴ What can Net4Society do for the research community? ∴

Networking support

Net4Society supports networking among SSH researchers through an online Research Directory of active SSH key players. The Net4Society Partner Search Tool can help you to build your consortium for a Horizon 2020 project in Societal Challenge 6. In addition, Net4Society regularly organises international conferences that include brokerage events, where researchers and other stakeholders can meet potential project partners in a structured way.

Information on funding opportunities

Net4Society helps researchers from SSH to find all relevant funding opportunities throughout Horizon 2020 & beyond.adobestock_62761734 It regularly publishes a collection of SSH relevant topics in open Horizon 2020 calls.

∴ Net4Society has published a short guide on Opportunities for Researchers from the Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities in Horizon 2020.

Supporting the embedding of Social Sciences and Humanities and increasing their visibility

Net4Society carries out a number of activities to increase the visibility and to highlight the relevance of EU research in adobestock_114334569Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities. It actively contributed to the discussions on designing the future SSH dimension in Horizon 2020 by making the case for a strong inclusion of SSH research. It publishes success stories that demonstrate the impact and relevance of SSH projects. Its conferences focus on SSH topics that are high on the European agenda. Its publications discuss issues such as interdisciplinarity or the participation of SSH researchers from New Member States (EU13) in the EU Framework Programmes.

∴ Net4Society has published a Position Paper for the Interim Evaluation of Horizon 2020. The paper stresses the importance of funding collaborative and transnational research, while also noting that Societal Challenge 6 research significantly contributes to the implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy. However, the extremely low success rate poses a major problem in this part of Horizon 2020.

The position paper is based on the feedback that NCPs received from their clients.

Net4Society is funded by the European Commission under Horizon 2020, Societal Challenge 6, under Grant Agreement no. 649180 (2015-2019).


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