The Fabulous World of Research in France┋#5: The Écoles françaises à l’étranger

What are Écoles françaises à l’étranger ?

Literally “French schools abroad” and created between 1846 and 1928, the Écoles françaises à l’étranger are a network of five institutions of higher education network, that develop basic research in the field. They have a triple mission of training, research and publishing in the human and social sciences. They welcome young doctorate or post-doctorate researchers, rely on a community of confirmed researchers and/or members (french or from abroad), and are very busy publishers.

How many écoles are there ?

There are five of them:

Three main goals and objectives

  • Host students as well as researchers and scientific personalities, within the framework of their scientific programs (mainly social sciences and humanities).
  • Cooperate with research or higher education bodies and contribute to the international scientific cooperation.
  • Put at the disposal of researchers their documentary resources and favor access to other sources and archives.

But also…

  • They develop collaboration and cooperation networks in the host countries which make them ambassadors of French research abroad.
  • They welcome PhD students and post- PhD students: one-year members, trainees for archaeological excavations, etc.
  • They develop research missions in various domains of the human and social sciences: archaeology, art history, philology, etc.
  • They accommodate researchers to their siege or in off-site structures.
  • They offer the opportunity to work in an international professional frame.


Further reading

École française à l’étranger (E.F.E) Ministry of french Higher Education and Research website

Réseau des Écoles françaises de l’étranger (“french schools abroad network”) website

Fabien Oppermann, « Les archives des écoles françaises à l’étranger » (“french schools abroad archives”), 24/01/2018, Les nouvelles de l’archéologie website.

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